The history of our company reaches back to the year 1990, when cooperation between the two tradesmen Petr Koreň and Jiří Koreň had started. Eventually, our endeavor has resulted into the founding of the company KOREŇ – ELEKTRO spol. s r.o., which started operating in the year 2005.

We focus on switchboard manufacturing, industrial electrical installation, the servicing of electrotechnichal devices and counseling in these fields. We also carry out revisions of electrical installations.

For every order a pricing offer is devised and the work is handed over including a well-arranged billing of the real costs of the complete work.


With our bussiness partners we collaborate on orders not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad in countries such as Germany, Portugal, Spain, Poland and Austria.


Our eletrical installations are used in the industrial sector, agriculture, administration buildings. A project documentation accompanying the work is developed as well. For the preparation of the documentation ePlan and AutoCad software is used.


In our switchboard manufacturing, modern techonological processes are adopted, using software products such as ePlan, Wago etc. Switchboard components from companies including Siemens, Schrack, Schneider, Eaton and Wago are a quality assurance. For automatization, we use Siemens Logo and S7, depending on the complexity of the project.